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Updated: August 01, 2014
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1] Is this Directory available in Print or CD-ROM?

Answer 1] Because of Copyright issues, the Textile World Directory is only available Online. Once we have received your payment, we will issue you a Username & Password so that you can access the Members Area.

Question 2] Is this Directory available in Excel format or any other file format?
Answer 2] Because of Copyright issues, the Textile World Directory is only available Online. There is no file! Once you have been granted access to our database, you have to click on the company to view its details. Please click here to get a better idea of how members will see the information once they click on a company. 

Question 3] How do I buy this Directory?
Answer 3] Payment is by Wire Transfer or by Check. Six Months subscription amount is US$ 345 per user. Please fill out Cash Order form and we will send you an Invoice.

Question 4] Why cant we buy your directory through Credit Card?
Answer 4] Most Credit Card Companies do not allow sale of company & individual information via credit card. Also some individuals cheat us by copying our database immediately after membership through stolen credit cards. Therefore we have stopped selling our Huge Textile Database via Credit Card. All sales are now via Cash or Check in advance.

Question 5] Are there any Samples available?
Answer 5] All Company Names are visible on our Website for all our visitors to view. For more details, please contact us.

Question 6] What Details will the Directory have about the Textile Companies?
Answer 6] The Directory will include Company Name, Contact Person # 1 with designation, Contact Person # 2 with designation, Full Company Address, Emails, Website, Telephone, Mobile/Cellular Phone, Fax, Short Introduction.

Question 7] How are the Company details presented in the Members Area?
Answer 7] The Company details are present in the same way as they are entered in the Add/Update page. Please click here to get a better idea.

Question 8] From where have you gathered all the Textile Company information? Are they Valid/Genuine?
Answer 8] All the Textile Company information and data is 100% Valid & Genuine because they have been filled out by the company people themselves. As of November 2009, we have deleted all obsolete information from our database.  

Question 9] Do you have Websites & E-mail addresses of each and every Company?
Answer 9] Yes we have completely updated our directory on November 2009 to include the email addresses and Websites of each and every company. They are also updated Monthly.

Question 10] What sort of Companies are included in this Directory?
Answer 10] All Companies & Individuals who are part of the Textile Industry are included in this Directory. Anyone & Everyone in the Textile Sector is included in this directory. Please see the below examples:
Textile Associations, Textile Lab equipment Dealers, Textile Auctioneers, Textile Bailiff's, Textile Machinery Manufacturers, Textile Buying houses, Textile Equipment Manufacturers, Fabric & Bed sheet Manufacturers, Fabric Exporters, Bed sheet Exporters, Fabric Importers, Bed sheet Importers, Garment Exporters, Garment Importers, Fabric & Garment Dealers, Knitwear Importers & Exporters, Textile Chemicals producers, Textile publications/magazines/news, Textile Clubs, Textile Stores, Textile Quality Control Companies, Textile Colleges or Universities, Textile Raw Materials Suppliers, Textile Consultants, Textile Factories, Textile Research and Development Institutes, Textile Whole sellers, Textile Retail outlets, Retail chains, Textile Designers, Textile Agents, Textile Distributors, Textile Secondhand Machinery Suppliers, Textile Dyes Manufacturers, Textile Services Companies, Textile Traders, Textile Educational Institutions, Textile Warehouses, Textile Exporters, Textile Spares /Accessories Manufacturers & Suppliers, Textile Middlemen, Textile Engineering Houses, Textile Stock Lot Keepers, Textile Importers, Textile Fashion Houses, Textile Fashion Show Organizers, Textile Dealers, Textile Wastes/Scrap Dealers, Textile Franchises, Textile Goods Suppliers, Textile-Wear Designers, Textile Shops etc.

Question 11] Are the Contacts sorted by Sector / Field of Business?
Answer 11] We have sorted our contacts according to their names and country. For example if you would like to have information about Company ABC of China, then you would click on China and then click on A.

Question 12] How do I know which company does what?
Answer 12] Every page will have a Short Introduction of the Company. The short introduction of the company has been filled out by the company people themselves and will give you a very good idea about their products & field of business.

Question 13] How can I buy the Entire Directory?
Answer 13] Just click on "Cash Order", on the left hand scroll bar and fill out the form. Once we have your details, we will send you the Invoice with the Transfer Details. Your Username & Password will be e-mailed to you as soon as payment is confirmed.

Question 14] How can I see my own Company Details?
Answer 14] Unfortunately you will NOT be able to see your own company details without buying the complete directory. However if you believe that we might not have your complete details, then please fill out our Add/Update page again and we will update your details accordingly.

Question 15] How can I read other peoples Reviews, Business Experiences or Comments about a Company?
Answer 15] Unfortunately you will NOT be able to see what other people have to say about a company or individual. For this you would have to buy our Membership for US$ 345. However you can still post your own Reviews, Business Experiences or Comments by clicking on Write a Comment and we will post your comment on their profile.

Question 16] How do I write a Review / Comment about a Company or Individual?
Answer 16] Simply Click on Write a Comment in front of the Company/Individual name and write your comments. We will post your comments in our Member pages.

Question 17] How many Subscriptions have you SOLD up to now?
Answer 17] We have SOLD hundreds of subscriptions all over the world. Please contact us for our list of buyers.

Question 18] How many countries are included in the Textile World Directory?
Answer 18] We have the names and details of Textile Companies & Stores from 146 Countries. Textile Companies & Stores from 63(Sixty Three) countries are listed on the main page while the Companies in the remaining 83 countries can be found in Others.

Question 19] How many companies are listed in the Textile World Directory?
Answer 19] As of June 2014, we have more than 9000+ companies listed in our database.

Question 20] How many companies do you have by country?
Answer 20] We do not count the companies by country because we Add/Update about 100 entries every day and this would just mean extra effort. However you can always count the number of companies listed in every country by clicking on the country and then clicking from A - Z .

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